Magic by Zel-Zel

Magic Eyeliner & Eyelashes

Zel-Zel gives you luxurious length and volume

Lash up your game!

Black eyeliner and adhesive in one

No glue No damage


General questions

Do they lift easily?
No, make sure to apply enough eyeliner at corners of the eye.

How do I use my liner for the first application?
Press the tail button of the liner, it will click. Shake the liner vigorously until the tip is infiltrated with ink.

What colour is the eyeliner?
Dark midnight black.

How do I remove my lashes?
Remove the lashes with an eye makeup remover and store them in the original package.

Should I wear mascara?
It is not necessary to wear mascara when wearing Zel-Zel lashes, they do however blend better with natural lashes when
Wearing mascara.

Can I sleep with my lashes?
It is not advised.

How many applications do you get from a set?
If you take good care of your lashes you should get 20 applications from a set.

Are Zel-Zel mink lashes?
Definitely not, our lashes are hand made from synthetic fibres.

Can I swim with my lashes?
It is not advised.

Can I wear the liner on its own?